“Clarity, transformation and gratitude are three key words that describe my PTI experience.

“A year ago I was anxious, sleepless and far from my true self.  With the help of my PTI sisters and the exercises we experienced, I became clear about what was triggering my anxiety.
“Clarity transformed me into a person who could voice her needs.  Learning to communicate is a gift for
which I am full of gratitude. 

“The relationships I made during the PTI experience are precious and I hold them close to my heart.”

                                                            *              *               *

PTI has given me a safe place and opportunity to learn new valuable tools for everyday life.
A healthy eye opening experience into getting to know my deeper true self.

Raising my awareness for building healthy communication skills and healthy relationships for my life.

Linda and Lori teach with unconditional love, my experience was mine, no right way, no wrong way,
just mine.

Experiencing 13 years of chronic migraines, I now have less migraine days and more happy days.

                                                            *              *               *

I was recently asked what I noticed most about the changes within myself and my life since the May-Sept/2014 PTI. What a great question!!
What I notice most within is a lot less negative mind chatter & that when these would be saboteurs want to make themselves heard I am better (not perfect) equipped to call forward my mature, inner adult.  Also, I now have a loving, nurturing relationship with the little girl that resides in me.  This growing intimate relationship has helped me to more easily (not perfect) go with the ebb & flow of everyday life & to gain a deeper trust (not perfect) that the ultimate plan for my life will unfold just the way it needs to.
I boldly made this statement to a group “I am having a love affair!!  With MYSELF!!”  This love affair has supported me to implement & embrace a healthy way of “eating to live” that works for me (not perfect).  This & my grateful desire to exercise regularly have produced a slimmer (not perfect) & toned container to reside in.
I am in the process of moving on from a long term relationship that had me in the codependent grasp of a family of origin pattern I was being loyal to.
What I have not noticed is being pointed out to me by family, friends & my community.  They are letting me know how I show up & interact.  These relationships are healthier & I couldn’t be more grateful.
The bonds that formed during PTI with the other participants & with Lori & Linda (I refer to them as the “dynamic duo”) are strong & nurturing.  These people know ME, accept ME & love ME!!!!!!  It sure helps ME to have fellow travellers on this journey!!
Oh, did I mention; I am more accepting (not perfect) of my imperfections.  They make me ME!!!! 
I am a work in progress!!!!!! 
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