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The Way of Council
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Upcoming Council Workshops

Council as a Healing Path

• Council for Couples

Know Thyself: A Day of 5Rhythms® and Council

• Nourishing Hearts: A Mother Daughter Retreat

Upcoming Council Trainings

•  Council I: Introduction to The Way of Council

•  Council II:  Deepening the Practice

•  Council III: Living the Way of Council

•  Council for Educators

•  Council for Organizations



Nourishing Hearts: A Mother Daughter

With Lori Austein and Shauna Devlin


Lori Austein and Shauna Devlin lead mothers and their daughters in a weekend of connection, communication and celebration. In a beautiful retreat setting, we take the time to nourish our relationship and learn how to respect and understand each other more compassionately.


No other relationship comes close to the one we share with the woman who mothered us or the daughter we mothered. It has the potential to make or break us — often both at the same time.  Generational differences separate us, familial similarities connect us.  It’s a love that can be one of our greatest comforts, supporting us throughout our lives.


Through ceremony, storytelling, art, dance, nature and exercises in communication, we gain skills that build bridges and nourish our hearts through the pre-teen years and beyond. We will enjoy time alone as well as with our beloved other and with all who gather. We will honour our female ancestors, celebrate the joys and sorrows we share, and find new ways to bring ritual and meaning to this special bond.


Rates are for both mother and daughter.  Rates include tuition for workshop, 2 nights of accommodation and 6 local organic meals.  

Fee: $695.