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Letting Go Weekend

Is a Personal Transformation Intensive right for you? Find out during this Pre-PTI Group being held as soon as ten people express interest on Vancouver Island.  We weave guided visualizations, teaching pieces, safe circle dialogue, and guided release work so that you can begin to let go of whatever has you “stuck” – whatever no longer serves you – and access a state of well-being and joy.  You will also receive more information about PTI, the five-month Personal Transformation Intensive.  


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PTI: Personal

   Transformation Intensive

Let Go of What Has You

  Have you been afraid to    

   reveal what you long to



   Weight Release Program




“Letting Go of What Has You” changed the way I deal with things that have hurt me in the past and continue to influence my life.  It was a safe and positive but deep and meaningful journey that showed me a new way to see and heal old wounds.  


It is a process I can continue to use whenever I realize that “something has me.”  I really appreciated the loving and respectful guidance of Lori and Linda.