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The Way of Council
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Upcoming Council Workshops

• Council as a Healing Path

• Council for Couples

Know Thyself: A Day of 5Rhythms® and Council

Nourishing Hearts: A Mother Daughter Retreat

Upcoming Council Trainings

•  Council I: Introduction to The Way of Council

•  Council II:  Deepening the Practice

•  Council III: Living the Way of Council

•  Council for Educators

  •  Council for Organizations


Council as a Healing Path

Council is about our personal and collective story. The intention for this group is to come together regularly in a way that communities traditionally have since the beginning of time. Our topics each session will arise from the energy of the group and will be crafted to allow ourselves to express our authentic selves, recognizing that we are physical, emotional and spiritual beings. We will continue strengthening our psychological health and spiritual paths.


While the process in and of itself is not "group therapy," it has always had a therapeutic effect. Healing occurs when we are truly seen in our complexity and held in compassion. The more we let ourselves be seen and find that we are accepted, the easier it is to love and accept ourselves.


This program will run continuously on the first and third Monday evenings of each month from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Please call before attending your first session.


Fee: $10 per session