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The Way of Council
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Upcoming Council Workshops

Council as a Healing Path

• Council for Couples

• Know Thyself: A Day of 5Rhythms® and Council

Nourishing Hearts: A Mother Daughter Retreat

Upcoming Council Trainings

•  Council I: Introduction to The Way of Council

•  Council II:  Deepening the Practice

•  Council III: Living the Way of Council

•  Council for Educators

•  Council for Organizations



Know Thyself: 5Rhythms® and Council

With Lori Austein and Shauna Devlin


The 5Rhythms® is a simple, powerful moving meditation that anyone can practice.  The 5Rhythms are a resource, a means back to our center, our core, our knowing of ourselves.  Simply by moving our bodies through these distinct rhythms we empower ourselves to discover and remember who we are.  


During this day, we will weave Council with 5Rhythms to connect to who we are.  Come and discover that everything you need to navigate through this time of transition is already within you.  Through authentic movement and our own stories we will connect with our hearts and our gifts and will leave prepared to step into our fullest expression, our fullest power.  


The co-facilitator for this exciting event is Shauna Devlin.  Shauna is a certified 5Rhythms teacher who purpose it is to awaken women to their gifts.  To learn more about Shauna and 5Rhythms, visit www.shaunadevlin.com.


Location: The Art Barn, Salt Spring Island

Fee: $90.00